Brewers Fans Sound Off at Miklasz Column

Aug 28, 2008 at 12:36 pm

Readers of the Brewers blog on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Web site are sounding off at the opinion St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Bernie Miklasz, who wrote today that the Brew crew are a good, but an arrogant bunch.

The comments are harsh to say the least (perhaps Brewers fans a little bitter after being consistently beaten by the Cardinals up until this season?) and typically read like this:

"Takes a lot of guts to talk about the Brewers being arrogant considering the Cards and how they act. Albert needs to look in the mirror. Did anyone else think that they threw at Braun on purpose. They are bush league and just plain out jealous that they keep getting their a**'s handed to them. Do they realize that if the would have beat the Brewers this year they would be in the playoffs?"

Join the fray here.