Cocaine Straw Found Near Adrienne Martin; August Busch IV's Home Loaded and Messy

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August Busch IV had straw with cocaine in bedroom and pill bottles with illegal drug residue in bathroom.
August Busch IV had straw with cocaine in bedroom and pill bottles with illegal drug residue in bathroom.
Update: At a news conference this afternoon, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch said that August Busch IV "refused" to cooperate with its investigation, and it could not file charges against the former CEO of Anheuser-Busch because it appears Martin took the drugs voluntarily.

Original report...

The Frontenac police today released their entire investigation and the medical examination into the death of August Busch IV's girlfriend, Adrienne Martin.

Read the entire 55-page report at the end of this post. Meanwhile, here are some of the highlights:

  • Adrienne Martin, 27, was found lying on top of the covers of Busch's bed around 12:30 p.m. December 19. She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt, spandex pants and one sock.
  • Authorities on the scene gave conflicting reports on what happened the previous night. A medicolegal investigator reports that the two had been drinking until 3:30 a.m. and then fell asleep on the bed. A Frontenac police officer reports that the 46-year-old Busch had gone to bed at around 6 p.m. with Martin staying up much later.
  • The medicolegal investigator reports finding a straw with white residue in the pocket of her hoodie. Police report finding another straw with white residue under the mattress that later was determined to contain cocaine.
  • Pill bottles with oxycodone residue and cocaine were found in Busch IV's bathroom. (The medical examiner determined that oxycodone is what officially killed Martin, though she also had cocaine in her system.)
  • Judging from the "chronic perforation" of the distal septum of Martin's nose, she was likely a "chronic" abuser of cocaine, according to the medical examiner.
  • Adrienne Nicole Martin poses for a modeling shot.
    Adrienne Nicole Martin poses for a modeling shot.
    Martin kept it clean: "The genitalia is unremarkable. The pubic hair, for the most part, has been shaved," wrote the medical examiner.
  • Authorities found Busch IV's bedroom in complete disarray, though could find no evidence of struggle. Among the items scattered around the bedroom: "electronic devices, powercords, televisions, remote controls, gatorade bottles, two cups of brown liquid (described as energy shakes), weapons, ammunition, radios, speakers, shoes, a watch, tools, flashlight and a blanket."
  • On the foot board of Busch's bed were mounted two flat-panel televisions.
  • In the bathroom, police found two more flat-paneled television, a loaded shotgun behind the door, and a loaded Glock with an extended magazine on a hook next to the toilet paper dispenser.
  • Police investigated a report that days after Martin's death, someone may have broken into her apartment in St. Charles at 4 a.m. An inspection of the apartment showed no obvious sign of entry.
  • Medical examiners could find no evidence that Martin suffered a heart condition called Long QT Syndrome that her former husband, a medical doctor named Kevin Martin, says he diagnosed in her years ago. Kevin Martin could provide no documentation to back up his claims that he'd given her an EKG test that showed she had the condition. Likewise, no hospitals or other doctor offices could produce such a test.  
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