If You Could Be Any Car Part, Which Would You Be?

Week of December 6, 2000

Fritz Blecha
Maintenance Department, Santa's Workshop, North Pole

"I'd be the steering wheel, so I could steer in and out of trouble."

Gary Epstein
Partner, Reliance Automotive

"I'd like to be a fuel injector, always pumping and spitting. It's like a great workout, but instead of pumping iron, you're pumping fuel."

Jennifer Krueger
Cosmetologist, Guys & Dolls

"I'm the radio! You get to control the mood of the car while having your buttons touched."

G.W. Pike
Recruiter, Management Recruiters

"Carburetor. In control of the power and speed. Flip the butterfly and hear it roar. Lean and mean or rich and thick -- whatever you need, just say the word."

John Stennett
Mechanic, Quality Transmission

"Being a transmission guy, I wouldn't mind being a timing chain. That puts the valves and everything else in time. But then there's the computer, the brain of the system, which runs everything in these newer cars. In the '80s, the computer basically controlled the engine components. Now it controls the engine and the transmission -- basically all functions. And being the brain would keep you busy. I like being busy. It makes the day go by faster."

Trisha Chronister
Bartender, Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood

"I'd be the fuse, that one small little part that, if I want, can screw up the whole car."

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