If You Had Been Able To Choose Your Own Name,What Would the World Be Calling You Now?

Street Talk for the week of April 12, 2000

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Christopher Gustave

"Risky Teeth. Why? Because life is risky and you only take one bite at a time."

Martina Paulin
Co-Owner, the Shanti

"Vampira, because I play at night. That's my time of the day."

Dale Geiler
Professional Student

"I would name myself Bill Gates Jr. He probably wouldn't let me hang out at the mansion, but he may feel obliged to pay my student loans. And just think of the inheritance!"

David "Davy" Jones
Promotions Coordinator, The River (101.1 FM)

"George, Pete, Rumpelstiltskin -- any name other than David Jones, because I hate the whole Monkee thing. Do you know how many times that people, when they hear my name, feel the need to sing The Monkees theme song to me?"

Inka Boehm
Morel Hunter and Gatherer

"Shark, so the whole world would know me."

Calvin Like

"Clarence Harmon. I'm gonna mess him around like he's messin' other people around. Believe me, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna be the new Clarence Harmon and live in City Hall and give jobs to anyone who needs a job, and if he don't like it, that'd make my day!"

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