Is It OK to Shop Out of Someone's Unattended Cart at the Supermarket?

Published the week of August 2-8, 2000

Aug 2, 2000 at 4:00 am
Irving Lewis
Dishwasher, Brandt's Market Cafe

"No, that's not cool. That's like stealing. Why you want what they want, anyway? If they have something you like, you can go get it yourself. And if you take theirs and they see it, it might start a conflict."

Tim Delahanty
General Contractor

"No! People really do that? That's some balls. I know I wouldn't do it. Somebody else took the trouble to find it and pick it out, I'd ask them where they found it."

Siretha Taylor
Stock Clerk, Schnucks

"I think that's so wrong! It's the same as stealing something out of your wallet or purse. It don't belong to you -- don't take it! Go get your own. And what are these people who you stole from going to do when they get to the line? They know it was in there and then it's not. You going to make them think they're crazy."

Skip Goben
Bouncer, the Drinking Hole

"Oh, I'll take something out of someone else's cart if they're not looking, but I wouldn't allow them to take anything out of mine. I always keep my cart with me. I'm really possessive of it. It's my cart to hold my stuff in and bang around the aisles."

Jason Bayle
Babysitter/Manager, Mike Duffy's Pub & Grill

"I would say it is OK, simply because that person who abandoned their cart doesn't yet own the stuff in that cart. It's still fair game. It may be inconvenient to the shopper who it happens to, but, hey, you are in the grocery store -- they've got more!"

Therese McKee
Owner, Signature Design

"You know, if it happens it's probably justice, because people leave these carts any old way in the aisle and they're so big now that it's hard to get by them. I think the only time I've ever done it is when I accidentally walked off with someone's entire cart and I liked everything in it."