JC Corcoran on Pujols Signing with Angels: Eh, I'm 50-50.

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Vaya con Dios, literally.
Vaya con Dios, literally.
Adios, mang.

Albert Pujols reportedly signed a 10-year, $250 million dollar offer today to join the Los Angeles Angels. The deal includes a no-trade clause.

Even more shocking than that news is that shock-jock JC Corcoran got it wrong -- again.

Last month Corcoran twice announced that sources told him Pujols would re-sign with the team. Corcoran's first announcement caused a media flurry with real sports reporters trying to track down the rumor, which turned out to be just that. When Corcoran made a similar prediction a couple weeks later, he was mocked and ridiculed on Twitter. Corcoran's angry and vulgar responses to his Twitter follows ultimately led KTRS (550 AM) to suspend him from the airwaves.

So what does Corcoran have to say about today's news that Pujols is leaving to L.A.? This morning he tweets:

But actually, that's not quite right. Let's give Corcoran the benefit of the doubt -- that he correctly predicted that La Russa would retire this year. (Something that a lot of other people speculated, as well.) He still got the Pujols story wrong twice.

So, no, his average isn't 50-50. It's 33.3-66.6.

Just sayin.' Oooh, I could go on KSDK with that!

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