Week of October 1, 2003

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Best Postmortem
Now we've done it: I just wanted to write and say shame on you for what you've done with your "Best of St. Louis" edition [September 24]. As a male employee of Whole Foods Market, I have to say that neither I nor my fellow male employees (and some females) appreciate you rating Whole Foods as the Best Place to Meet Single Women. It's not because we don't have plenty of attractive women shoppers, it's just that you've now cock-blocked those of us who work here by sending every single guy in St. Louis through our doors. Thanks a lot.
A male employee of Whole Foods Market

The hardest-working sports guy in St. Louis: Kudos to the RFT for selecting Frank Cusamano as Best Sports Broadcast Personality. Although I wish he would leave his right-of-center political leanings at home instead of voicing them on his KFNS (590 AM) radio show, I agree that he is the hardest-working sports guy in St. Louis. I think that "perkiness" is really enthusiasm for sports of all kinds. Listen to him when March Madness rolls around. He really gets geeked up. He's also a class person. I remember e-mailing him and calling him out for something I really disagreed with. He called and left a very respectful message on my home phone. Pretty classy. By the way, I dig readers' pick Joe Buck too.
Terry Moses
St. Louis

We told you there'd be an argument about pizza: First off, I just want to say that I think this magazine is the best out in the St. Louis area. You all do a great job! But as far as calling places the best at something, I do believe you lack experience. The best pizzeria around is none other than Faraci's Pizza. They have locations in Ferguson and Ellisville. Everything they use, they make themselves, from grinding their own meat, to cooking their own sauce, to making their own dough. It is and will continue to be the best.
Timothy Santonge

Did we say there'd be an argument about pizza? Get some real St. Louisan to give some insight on this "Best of" jive. Provel on a pizza is heaven. Living in Chicagoland, with huge sausage patties and sauce on the cheese, is hell. I'm in exile at Northern Illinois University grad school and there are a few things I miss that you missed.

Tom Huck is the biggest young artist in St. Louis right now. Art in the Whitney and numerous dealers handling him at Art Chicago means once again the RFT hasn't done its homework. By the way, if you want to see this 30-year-old's work, try walking upstairs at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Last but not least, how come Harman Moseley can't get your love? The Hi-Pointe [Best Movie Theater] is quaint, but the Chase is the place, boys and girls.
Jason Hitzert
Dekalb, Illinois

Props for the video/DVD rentals in Kirkwood: I understand your picks are based on personal opinion. But come on! How dare you claim there are no awesome video stores in St. Louis [Best Video/DVD Rental]! Anyone who actually looks knows that The Movie Nut in Kirkwood is the best St. Louis video/DVD place in years.

It's very small but with an incredible selection, from the Farrelly brothers to the Brothers Quay, and an owner who knows more about movies than anyone I've ever met. If you're looking for a free rental of Pleasantville, maybe it isn't your ideal place -- you do have to pay -- but for those of us who actually want to support small business in St. Louis and want movies a bit more interesting than those at the local multiplex, The Movie Nut is the only place to go.
Katie Pappageorge

Easy, Ed: Under no circumstances lump the Fox and Kiel Opera House in the same sentence as you did in promoting the Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center [Best New Performance Space]. The Blanche will stand on her own, or won't stand on her own. Unhandcuffed, Kiel kicks the Fox's ass, collaborates with UMSL and brings back a pitiful downtown.

Welcome the Blanche, but don't draw battle lines. Kiel's balcony is closer to the stage than the Blanche's. Upstairs at the Fox you are in East Jesus. No new theater or old converted movie palace comes close to the acoustics and performance enjoyment offered at Kiel. You draw unnecessary contrasts out of stupidity. We need all we can get -- at every size.
Ed L. Golterman
St. Louis

Awards of the State
The Missouri Bar has selected Riverfront Times staff writers Geri L. Dreiling and Bruce Rushton as recipients of the Bar's annual Excellence in Legal Journalism Award. The award, given in recognition of the role of the media in improving public understanding of key legal issues, is presented in three categories: one each for print, radio and television. Dreiling and Rushton will be honored at the annual Missouri Bar Awards Banquet this Friday, October 3, in Columbia.

This past Saturday in Kansas City, RFT staffers came away with honors too numerous to mention in the weekly paper division of the Missouri Press Association's 2003 Missouri Better Newspaper Contest. Some highlights: Bruce Rushton topped the investigative reporting category and also received an honorable mention in that same division. RFT writers swept the sports feature category, with staff writer Mike Seely taking first place. Former managing editor Roland Klose won for best humorous column, and the paper as a whole took home two first-place awards, for news content and online content, plus a third-place award for general excellence.

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