Man Accurately Named "Tattoo" Shoots at Cop, Wins Settlement for Getting Shot by Cop

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click to enlarge Michael Knuth's nickname is "Tattoo." - Lincoln Police Department
Lincoln Police Department
Michael Knuth's nickname is "Tattoo."

In 2009 Michael Knuth, a.k.a. "Tattoo," probably because he has the word "Tattoo" tattooed across his forehead, went on a rampage in Lincoln, Illinois, beating, robbing and shooting at his neighbors, one of whom he knew for five years.

When the cops eventually located Knuth, officer Stuart Erlenbush saw he had a gun in his hand. The officer ordered him to put it down, but Knuth pointed it at the officer and a shot was fired, according to court documents. The officer then fired nine shots at Knuth, who survived. Knuth was sentenced to 45 years in prison for attempted murder of Erlenbush.

But in 2011 he sued, alleging excessive force. And on Tuesday, he was awarded a settlement.

According to the Bloomington Pantagraph, Knuth argues that he was incapacitated when the officer fired additional, unnecessary shots.

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"That's when Chief Erlenbush walked up to the driver's side door of the truck and violated the plaintiff's constitutional rights under the 14th and Eighth Amendments by maliciously and sadistically firing two more shots into the body of this now unarmed and incapacitated plaintiff," the lawsuit reads.

The Pentagraph also reports that the lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial, but the settlement was made. Details of the amount were not yet released. The city of Lincoln and the Lincoln Police Department were named in the lawsuit.

Aside from suing cities and police departments, Knuth has spent some of his incarcerated time trying to get married.

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While awaiting to be deemed mentally competent to stand trial -- something which was prompted in part because he was eating the fatty tissue and pus from his bullet wounds -- Knuth tried to marry an unnamed long-time girlfriend.

Knuth wasn't allowed to get married but was deemed competent to stand trial.

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