R.I.P. Whitney Harris; St. Louisan Was Last Surviving Prosecutor of WWII Nazis

Apr 23, 2010 at 9:38 am
Harris at the Nuremberg Trials.
Harris at the Nuremberg Trials.
Whitney Harris passed away yesterday at the age of 97 at his Frontenac home.

Harris was a 33-year-old Navy attorney when he got the job that would define the rest of his life: prosecuting German Nazis for war crimes following the end of World War II. Harris opened the Nuremberg Trial against the top-ranking SS Officer in the Nazi Party, Ernst Kaltenbrunner

Harris later settled in St. Louis where he worked as an attorney in private practice and worked closely with the Washington University School of Law.

St. Louis Public Radio has a nice biography of Harris up on its site today. Check it here.