Shocking Video Captures Insane Shootout at East St. Louis Gas Station

Shocking Video Captures Insane Shootout at East St. Louis Gas Station
Surveillance video from the Gas Mart on 18th and Missouri in East St. Louis during a September 12 shootout makes one thing clear: The customers who were shopping in the store at the time are lucky to be alive.

The video, which was obtained by KMOV, shows an exchange of gunfire between the occupants of a red car and a black car parked directly in front of the store. The incident took place just after 1 a.m.

Police say the driver of the black car opened fire first, with the driver of the red car immediately returning fire. A shootout then ensued, with the driver of the black car taking cover at the rear of his vehicle while firing bullets at the red car. The car backs out of its parking space even as its driver shoots back.

The raw video, meanwhile, shows footage of the inside of the store during the shooting. A customer near the lotto machine at the front of the store takes cover on the ground while glass rains down from the storefront's shattered windows. A glass door for the beer section in the back of the store is shattered while two more customers huddle and crawl to safety.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot, one bystander hides under a car for cover as another flees for his life. One inexplicably chill guy just sort of walks out of the immediate line of fire and stands there, watching the incident unfold no more than fifteen feet away. Another remarkably calm gentleman watches from inside the store, definitely in the line of fire, and paces while clapping his hands together.

According to police, it's a miracle none of the bystanders were injured.

“It could have been anyone," Detective Ronald McClellan of East St. Louis Police tells KMOV. "Thank God no one was injured or killed."

McClellan says the two suspects know each other. Thanks to the surveillance video, they are confident that charges will be filed.

Watch the raw video from the shooting below:

Raw: 3 different views of violent shootout at East St. Louis gas station

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