St. Louis Weather Is Actually Going to Be Decent This Week, Finally

We got our Christmas wish

Dec 28, 2022 at 12:02 pm

Break out the shorts, St. Louis; better weather is on the way.

We’ve made it through some of the coldest winds of the past few decades and now we’re being rewarded with a sunny sky and decent temperatures. Fifty degrees might not be ideal weather, but it’s pretty darn good for December in any year. The snowy streets are melting, the squirrels are frolicking and faces are turning to the sun and smiling again.

KSDK weatherman Anthony Slaughter says highs will reach 48 degrees today in St. Louis and it will be even warmer in areas to the west, with Jefferson City seeing a high of 55 degrees.

The sun won’t stay around for the rest of the week but the temperature is expected to be pretty steady. The National Weather Service says we could see some rain later this week but the warmth will stay even if the sun doesn’t. They say we can expect temps to be somewhere in the low 50s through the weekend.

So say goodbye to the lingering snow and hello to not shivering all night: The thaw is here and it’s exactly what we wished for at Christmas. Thanks, Santa.

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