The Riverfront Times Is Seeking Summer Interns

Apr 14, 2021 at 5:09 pm
We're now accepting applications for summer internships. - RIVERFRONT TIMES
We're now accepting applications for summer internships.

If you're interested in spending the summer doing the kind of journalism that people actually want to read, think about applying for one of the Riverfront Times' summer internships.

We're looking for smart college students to join us as reporters and photographers. This isn't a busywork internship. You'll be telling stories under the guidance of experienced reporters and editors from the start.

We're still dealing with the pandemic, so everything is a little strange. Our editorial staff is still working remotely for the most part, which means navigating new ways to tell stories while taking steps to keep everyone safe. But we also expect to return at some point this summer to our brand-new office in the Hill neighborhood.

Internships are unpaid, but we're happy to work with your college or university so you can get course credit. We also limit the positions to part-time, between ten and fifteen hours per week. Schedules are flexible.

You don't have to be a journalism major, but experience at your college newspaper helps. For reporters, we're looking for people interested in writing about hard news, food, arts or a combination. Your application should include your preferences. Ranking them isn't a bad idea. Deadline to apply is April 26.

If this sounds good to you, send an email with three writing samples or examples of your photography, a cover letter and resume to [email protected].