There's No Crying in Baseball -- Just Try Telling that to the St. Louis Tea Party

Jul 7, 2009 at 9:02 am
Because they just haven't fussed enough this year, the St. Louis Tea Party -- the folks who brought you a rally at the Arch in February, an April protest at Kiener Plaza and the picketing of President Barack Obama's "100 Day" speech in Arnold -- now plan to bring their tear parade to the All-Star Game in downtown St. Louis next Tuesday.

Why? Because Obama is scheduled to throw out the first pitch and the sore losers with the Tea Party just can't let an opportunity pass without turning it into a sob fest. This according to the group's website:
"We have a front row seat and a national audience to tell the president to stop spending, stop borrowing, stop lying and stop exceeding his Constitutional authority."
Someone tell me. Where is Tom Hanks' character, coach Jimmy Dugan, when you need him?