Video: Paul McKee Grows Testy at North City Meeting

Sep 22, 2009 at 11:23 am
Blogger Doug Duckworth took a video camera to one of those no-media-allowed meetings developer Paul McKee has been having with residents of north St. Louis to discuss the massive, NorthSide redevelopment project he envisions for the area. (Some $390 million of the proposed $8-billion-plus project would be paid for through tax increment financing.)

The camera bode well for Duckworth -- who describes himself as a "licensed asshole" on his blog, Random Talk on Urban Affairs -- in that the video recorder caused McKee to halt the meeting and confront Duckworth. When Duckworth declined to stop filming, McKee summarily ended his presentation and departed the building. 

As you can see at the 3:15 minute mark, the video camera didn't seem to bother the handful of St. Louis cops seated alongside the wall of the gymnasium.

In related news, yesterday urban architecture aficionado and fellow St. Louis blogger, Michael Allen, posted some telling photos of the buildings brick-piles McKee's business ventures have purchased in north city in recent years and allowed to rot and fall apart.