Wall Street Journal, er Post-Dispatch, Offers Deal You Can't Afford To Ignore

Jan 29, 2009 at 12:44 pm
I'm pretty sure my copy of the Post-Dispatch never arrived this morning. Then again, it could be buried under eight inches of snow in the front yard. Regardless, I'm thinking it's time to cancel my subscription and re-subscribe a.s.a.p!

That's because for a "limited time" the paper is offering daily home delivery for the amazing low price of $1.99 a week. (I currently pay around $5.25 for similar service.) To announce the deal, the newspaper is littering non-subscribers (you know who you are!) with the flier below.

Besides the incredible savings and the handsome hunk reading the paper (no doubt a prototypical reader), what I really find interesting about the flier is that the man appears to be reading the Wall Street Journal. Why do I think this?

For starters, there's an advertisement on the front-page of the section near the man's left hand. The Journal is one of the few papers I know that advertise on the front page of a section. The P-D does not.

Secondly, you'll notice that the upper-left-hand corner of the paper is blank. The Post-Dispatch almost always carries a section title (Sports, News, Business, etc.) in the upper-left-hand corner of each page.

And, yes, I've spent way too long pondering this flier, but not nearly as long as RFT art director Tom Carlson who re-arranged the brochure into this one that perhaps better reflects the doom surrounding the newspaper biz these days.