Webster University was right, readers say, but they're still arguing about gay marriage

Webster University was right, readers say, but they're still arguing about gay marriage

Spare us: Oh, how dare Webster University fail to uphold the status quo and disallow someone to get a degree based upon the amount of money they throw at the college, as opposed to their suitability and competency for their career path ["Feel My Pain? Grad Student Lacks Empathy, Gets Canned," John H. Tucker]! Woe befall them; they don't want to crank out bad counselors like the myriad schools that are cranking out bad pharmacists, doctors, architects, writers and on and on and on in the name of pure profiteering!

Remember the phrase "They don't make them like they used to," which we normally reserve for cars and appliances? Well, degrees are the same way. I have to thank Webster for preventing a cat like David Schwartz from becoming a possible mediocre therapist for any friends or relatives of mine in the future.
Graestan, via the Internet

Scoundrel time: This comment by Mr. Schwartz says a lot: "When I read that I could reapply, I was incredulous," he says. "Do they think that magical empathy dust could be sprinkled on my head?" It says a lot about the man, the case and the article. Clearly the dust that was sprinkled has something to do with frivolous lawsuits and public crying. Don't go away mad, Mr. Schwartz, just go away.
Really?, via the Internet

How about journalism? I don't want to state the obvious, but I wouldn't want to go to a therapist that didn't have empathy. I'm kinda glad he didn't get his degree; he'd be screwing up people. Find a job where you can be as cold as you want to be.
Fishintheseam, via the Internet

More bestiality, please: This is not a story or even an entertaining piece ["Holy Matrimony!," Melissa Meinzer]. Who gives a shit? Now if she would have married her dog or something, that would be worth reading.
Jax, via the Internet

Mazel tov: Congratulations to Katy and Darlene! I was fourteen when Katy became the pastor at our church. She presided over my wedding and the memorial services of both my grandfather and my father, not to mention the countless moving sermons I've listened to her deliver. She is an incredible person.

The thing is, you can believe what you want to believe. If you use the Bible to perpetuate your hate for those different from yourself, well, I feel sorry for you, but that's your choice. The beauty of living in our society is we have a right to believe and be what we want. It's a shame that Katy and Darlene had to go to Iowa to get married instead of getting married in their own church or another in the area.

I have several LGBT friends, and I believe that they feel God's love just as anyone else. I see it in the love, friendship and support they have shown me. I wish everyone could see it. I wish everyone would see it.
Beth, via the Internet

Just deserts: Angela Fletcher should be forced to undergo psychological testing and pay back all the money Amy spent defending herself/sleeping in hotels, plus some for pain and mental anguish ["Framed: A Victim Tells Her Story," Sarah Fenske]. And then, Fletcher should have at least five years added to her sentence just for being a Class-A bitch!
Gail, via the Internet

Due diligence: It would have been nice if someone had bothered to check and see where the "harassing" calls were coming from. I mean, seriously? Nobody bothered to check, they just took someone's word for it? What happened to "innocent until proven guilty" in this case?

I'd sue. Not just Angela Fletcher, but the appropriate police departments. Checking phone records is trivially easy, and they just couldn't be bothered.
Andrew, via the Internet

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