Why on Earth Would Two People Fall in Love?

Susan Mandelker, Age 6
Community School

"The girl looks for her prince, and when she meets him, she gets a special feeling, like he's the right kind of guy. And he's nice and he's handsome and he smiles."

Isadora Grossman, Age 6
First Grade, Ladue Elementary

"'Cause first they like each other, then they love each other, then they get married."

Margaret Stage, Age 5
Eden Lab Preschool

"'Cause they meet each other, and they go to restaurants together, and they have jelly and peanut butter and hot dogs and grilled-cheese sandwiches ... but the food doesn't make them fall in love. I don't know why they fall in love -- I keep forgetting!"

Tess Rebecca Rogers, Age 7
Second Grade, Wilkinson School

"Because it's the season of love and all hearts are going every way, and because it's the mating season of animals, and we're animals, so it's our mating season, too."

Leandria "Lele" Wooldridge, Age 5
Kingdom House Preschool

"'Cause they think each other's pretty."

Julian Jordan, Age 6
First Grade, Hudson Elementary

"I don't know, but I hope it happens to my mom."

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