Vibe's Mississippi Nights Strain Combines Weed and St. Louis History

"There's nothing more gnarly or funky than Mississippi Nights," says Jay Wills of Tree1Four Genetics

Apr 26, 2024 at 6:00 am
Tree1Four Genetics' Jay Wills, center, with Rosin Extraction Manager Max Platt and Live Resin Extraction Manager Rob Dunse.
Tree1Four Genetics' Jay Wills, center, with Rosin Extraction Manager Max Platt and Live Resin Extraction Manager Rob Dunse. AARON CHILDS

Hailing from St. Louis, where the sounds of live music and the aroma of cannabis intertwine in a classic harmony, a new strain captures the essence of both worlds. Mississippi Nights, cultivated by Vibe Cannabis, is more than just a nod to the legendary music venue that once vibrated with the sounds of future legends. It's a tribute, a memory encapsulated in the form of a groundbreaking strain by Jay Wills, the visionary behind Tree1Four Genetics.

Wills, a St. Louis native and legacy breeder, first started experimenting with growing cannabis in 1995, driven by a deep-rooted passion for the plant. Before establishing Tree1Four in 2018, Wills' breeding career had led him from St. Louis to the recreational cannabis market in Oregon — that is, until Missouri legalized medicinal cannabis use.

"The vote went through, and I instantly knew my time there was limited," Wills says of his decision to leave Oregon and come back home.

About a month later, Wills returned to St. Louis, blessing the city with his extensive knowledge of, and love for, cannabis. Before long he'd developed the Mississippi Nights strain, which combines the distinctive flavors and potent effects of GMO and Tagalongz while paying homage to the storied venue of the same name, where iconic artists like Nirvana, System of a Down, Eminem and Pantera once performed before graduating to selling out stadiums.

It's also a tribute to Wills' musical roots, shaped by his parents' roles in the music industry.

"My dad used to be a roadie and my mom was a booking agent," Wills says, sharing that his first concert experience was with his parents at Mississippi Nights to see the Dead Milkmen.

Still, the name didn't come overnight. Wills says that aspect of the strain was a challenge, and it took more than a year for him to decide what to call it. But when the right name finally occurred to him, it hit him like a bolt of lightning.

"I was thinking, 'This is just some gnarly, grungy, rotten funk,'" Wills explains. "There's nothing more gnarly or funky than Mississippi Nights."

Although Wills and Tree1Four had established the strain as a cornerstone of his genetic library three years prior, it was the partnership with Vibe that elevated Mississippi Nights to the next level by making it available to a broader recreational audience. Among the six standout strains developed by Wills and Vibe, which also include Cutiez, RKO, Liquid Sunshine, Peanut Butter Parfait and Carvers, Mississippi Nights holds a special place, already earning the title of a "forever strain" alongside such Vibe classics as Gelato and Chem Reserve.

My introduction to Mississippi Nights began with its rosin form, which was featured in the inaugural Connoisseur Pack: Rosin Edition by Cannabis Cult (which, full disclosure, is my company). In this blind taste test competition, Mississippi Nights emerged victorious, securing the championship for Vibe with its distinctive funky scent and superior flavor. So naturally, I was excited to try out the flower form of the strain, and it did not disappoint.

Purchased from Feel State in Florissant for $39, the eighth contained one large, trichome-covered bud accompanied by a few smaller nugs, all fully embodying the strain's quality of exceptional rosin production. The relaxation and stress relief it provided were unparalleled, a testament to Wills and Vibe Cannabis' dedication to selecting unique and potent genetics. Just like its namesake, it had a loud and funky feel to it, qualities that come through in both the aroma and flavor, with a hint of sweetness on the exhale.

To sum up the experience — one that I highly recommend and plan to revisit very soon — Mississippi Nights is not just a strain. It's a piece of St. Louis's heart and history, a tribute to the music that raised us and the cannabis that brings us together.

When I asked Wills to encapsulate what he aims to achieve with his brand, he responded with heartfelt simplicity: "MO love." This expression is well exemplified by Mississippi Nights, reflecting Wills' deep-rooted affection for Missouri and its cannabis culture. It's a great strain for anyone who appreciates the art of cannabis cultivation and the profound relaxation it can bring, an homage that ensures the spirit of the iconic venue will continue to live on within the cannabis community and beyond. In bringing it to life, Wills has not only developed a standout product in the competitive cannabis market but also revitalized a treasured piece of St. Louis heritage, evoking nostalgic memories while inviting connoisseurs to indulge.

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