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Best Sausage Shop St. Louis 2009 - Piekutowski's European Style Sausage

Piekutowski\'s European Style Sausage

Piekutowski's European Style Sausage

4100 N. Florissant Ave.

St. Louis, MO 63107


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In 1999 Pope John Paul II paid a visit to little ol' St. Louis. He saw the Arch. He saw the cathedrals. And then he made a special pilgrimage to north city's Hyde Park neighborhood and grabbed some sausages at Piekutowski's European Style Sausage. He bit into a slice of Krakow sausage and announced that his world had just been rocked. Recall: J.P. was a Pole. He knew what he was talking about. As a sign of their appreciation, the owners put up a white plaster bust of His Holiness in the back of the shop. Now, there's no guarantee that you will fall as deeply in love with the Krakow sausage as did the Pope. You may favor the Polish sausage. Or the bratwurst. Or the kielbasa. All are handmade from the same recipe current owner Ted Piekutowski's father used when the shop opened in the 1940s. There is also no guarantee that anyone will put up a plaster bust in your honor, no matter how ardently you declaim your love of Piekutowski's sausages. But isn't it worth making a visit to find out?

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Stan Makowski
Stan Makowski

OMG Piekutowski's is still around...I remember going there as a child and Benny, the one butcher, would talk to my grandmother & dad in Polish. The lady behind the counter would always give my brother and I a slice of the fresh hard crust bread to eat. I remember when my grandmother would get her Krakow for Easter and would take it the Saturday before Easter to St. Stanislaus and have her Easter food blessed. What wonderful memories.

Mick Conley
Mick Conley

I have been going to Piekutowski's for years, and it just wouldn't be Christmas without a few pounds of Krackow and some of their other sausages, including bologna and salami. This is beynd a doubt, the best sausage shop in St. Louis and the surrounding area.

Gary Rowse
Gary Rowse

We live in Thayer MO with walter Ketts and Bernice Jankowski Ketts. Great fans of yours from there childhood! Sunday morning there sausage would be ready ! Can we order products online?


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