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Tear Out the Heart The Ready Room $15
2015 Slumfest Hip Hop... 2720 Cherokee $10
Mom's Kitchen Old Rock House $7
Thorhammer The Firebird $10
Bastard The Firebird $10
Cryptic Hymm The Firebird $10
Meatshank The Firebird $10
Turned Up to 15 Fubar $10-$12
Dawn Weber Jazz at the Bistro $20
Various Hands Blueberry Hill $6
Via Dove Blueberry Hill $6
Clockwork Blueberry Hill $6
The Sun and the Sea Blueberry Hill $6
Banks and Cathedrals The Demo $5-$7
I Actually The Demo $5-$7
Shotgun Abby The Demo $5-$7
The Mike Renick Band Cicero's $7
Loose Roots Cicero's $7
Gary Schoenberger Cicero's free
Mussy Cluves Foam Coffee & Beer 9pm
Pet Rock: The Musical Foam Coffee & Beer 9pm
Mother Meat Foam Coffee & Beer 9pm
Pat Sajak Assassins Schlafly Tap Room free
Dinofight! Schlafly Tap Room free
Dibiase Schlafly Tap Room free
Raja Asana The Mad Magician $8-$13
Faceless Commandos The Mad Magician $8-$13
Project Emira The Mad Magician $8-$13
Carolanne The Mad Magician $8-$13
Sometimes It's Foggy ... The Heavy Anchor $5
Adartis The Heavy Anchor $5
Heroes of the Kingdom The Heavy Anchor $5
Smooth Talkin' Perverts Mangia Italiano free
Moon Thief Mangia Italiano free
3 of 5 Mangia Italiano free
John Long Blues City Deli free
River Rats Band Focal Point $10/$15
Basement Family Livery Company free
Men Working In Trees Livery Company free
Dad Jr. Livery Company free
Bug Chaser Livery Company free
Shitstorm Livery Company free
Emily Wallace Halo Bar free
Various Hands free
Marissa Harms Blumenhof Vineyards free
Coco Rico Cafe Novella free
Paul Davis Cafe Novella free
Joe Park Cafe Novella free
Dizzy Atmosphere Cafe Novella free
Mark Dew Hideaway Lounge free
Midnight Moon Nightshift Bar free
PartyRock Schatze's free
Shrinking Violets Sky Music Lounge free
Croatian Jr. Tamburit... St. Joseph Croatia... free
Osezua Station House free
Tom Byrne Trio Thurman Grill & Pr... free
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