St. Louis Women Are Having More Sex Than Anyone Else

Dec 13, 2016 at 6:27 am
Oh yeah, baby! - Photo courtesy of Flickr/Tyler Neu
Photo courtesy of Flickr/Tyler Neu
Oh yeah, baby!
Move over, Sin City: A new analysis suggests that St. Louis women are getting laid more frequently than their counterparts in any other city — including Las Vegas, which finished second.

The finding is from the app Eve, which was named Google Play's "most innovative app" in 2016. The app tracks women's menstrual cycle and sexual activity — and has 500,000 users that have provided info about their love lives, presumably self-reporting more accurately than, say, your average Cosmo quiz.

In other words, this thing is rock-solid science.

Eve's analysis found that St. Louis users report having the most sex, followed by Las Vegas, Detroit, Portland, Salt Lake City, and New York. Or, as Eve puts it, "Who won sex in 2016? To the women of St. Louis, MO: Way to get laid the most and beat out Las Vegas as 2016's Sexiest City Gals."

Eve wouldn't provide us with any more info about St. Louis' sexy sex habits, so we can't tell you just how much your average Gateway City gal is getting. However, they do report that Aquarians are leading the Zodiac in sexual activity — so if you're an Aquarius and a St. Louis resident, you're doubly lucky.

Really, between this and yesterday's study suggesting St. Louis is the second most sinful city in the U.S., the Chamber of Commerce is positively swimming in great marketing materials. Or maybe the Missouri Division of Tourism — wouldn't this whole "Sexiest City" tagline make a great ad campaign?

Editor's note: A previous version of this story contained inaccurate info about Eve's users. There are 500,000 who reported information about their sex lives in 2016, not 500,000 users in total. We regret the error.

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