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Week of June 8, 2005

Wednesday, June 8

This is the second Wednesday you can find the Schnucks Jazz Trolley zooming around the city, selling tickets to the Saint Louis Jazz Festival and spreading the love of the cool music all around the lunch crowd. And we're not just talking about a little "be-bop, swing, jive went the jazz trolley," we're talking about the Hot House Sessions -- how's that for a little mid-day pick-me-up? The Sessions will Afro-house-fusion it anytime from noon to 1 p.m., every Wednesday in June. Today, look for the trolley in U. City and the Central West End. For more information about the smooth jazz ride or the Jazz Fest, which is held in Shaw Park the last weekend in June, visit

Thursday, June 9

Baseball fans, you may be experiencing a lull in your passions right about now. After three days against the Red Sox, next up is a homestand against the Yankees -- but today's an off-day for El Birdos, and so all you can do is stew in your baseball juices, right? Wrong. Stop waiting for tomorrow, and feed your diamond craving by heading across the river to watch the Gateway Grizzlies take on the Windy City Thunderbolts. Sure, it's Frontier League ball and not Major League ball, but a game against a Chicago team is a game against Chicago. And you're a fan, so you know you're thinking about going. So go. Tickets are $5 to $8, the game starts at 7:05 p.m., and your destination is GMC Stadium (Sauget Industrial Park Drive and Goose Lake Road, Sauget, Illinois; 618-337-3000 or

Friday, June 10

It's Friday, it's been a long week, and you're absolutely starved. But you're not a fancy sort -- no Cabernet and pâté for you -- and ain't no wimpy little happy-hour chicken fingers or tater skins gonna get you through this kind of bellyache. Why, you're so hungry, you could eat half a chicken! But where can you find such a giant-size meal? At the Webster Lions Barbecue for Charity, of course! This yum-fest, held on the parking lot of the Sappington International Farmer's Market (8400 Watson Road, Sappington), runs from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday (June 10 and 11) and features the sought-after half-chicken dinner along with rib, pork-steak and rib-tip dinners, plus hamburgers, brats and dogs. Hooray! For more information call 314-724-5806.

Saturday, June 11

Ever since you went through your eccentric onesie-and-makeup Queen phase, you've been curious about the fandango. Will you do the fandango? You don't know. Could you do the fandango is the real question. Maybe you'll be able to perform this dance after you go to the Felix Vallé House State Historic Site's traditional French Veillée (Merchant and Second streets, Ste. Genevieve; 573-883-7102). This old-school candlelit party, held from 7 to 9 p.m., offers Dance Discovery performances of a Spanish fandango, a French minuet and other hoppin' steps. And while you're there, you can eat madeleines and drink lemonade, all while listening to French folktales, and all for free -- man, can the Missouri Department of Natural Resources do a party up right! Freddie would be so proud.

Sunday, June 12

American filmmakers may be able to craft the summer blockbuster better than anyone else, but when it comes to the delicate art of the sex comedy, they have nothing on the Europeans. Take Pablo Berger and his 2004 film Torremolinos 73. The year is 1973; the country is Spain; the scene is Alfredo and Carmen's bedroom, wherein Alfredo and Carmen make an erotic "educational" film of their marital relations for the Scandinavian market. Surprise: Carmen becomes a sex symbol! Now a crew of lusty Danes encourages Alfredo to make an epic film starring his wife -- but not just any film. They want an Ingmar Bergman-esque romance-slash-porno. And all Carmen wants is to start a family. Can you imagine this movie being re-cast in America with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Of course not. But you can see the original at 8 p.m. at Webster University's Moore Auditorium (470 East Lockwood Avenue; 314-968-7487). Tickets are $5 to $6.

Monday, June 13

Barbara Park has the right idea. The author of the popular Junie B. Jones series of children's books has avoided touring the nation to promote her book by sending her star character on the road to do all the promotion instead. And so at 7 p.m. at the Buder branch of the St. Louis Public Library (4401 Hampton Avenue), the Junie B. Jones Stupid Smelly Bus Tour Party gets under way, starring Junie B. Jones and her bus driver, Mr. Woo (actually portrayed by actors, but don't tell the kids). Park has written a script for Junie and Mr. Woo to perform, and so instead of being a reading, it's like the books are coming to life right before your eyes. And, of course, Junie B. will "stamp" books and give out nifty prizes to her devoted fans. The whole evening is free and co-sponsored by Left Bank Books (call 314-367-6731 or visit for more information).

Tuesday, June 14

Your dog has everything -- everything except for a custom home, that is. But fret over your dog's desultory digs no more! The dealers of the Cherokee Antique Row (the 1900 to 2300 block; have used their exquisite tastes to create more than a dozen unique dog houses, all of which are on display throughout the month of June in an exhibit named the Dog Days of Summer. So if you and your pooch are looking to become homeowners, head down and purchase $2 raffle tickets at participating shops along the Row. Each ticket represents a chance to win one of the houses. Proceeds from the raffle tickets benefit BARC (Buddies of the Animal Regulation Center), so even if you don't win, a dog somewhere in town benefits.

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