VIDEO: Twerking Pumpkin Head Sets Thirst Trap on St. Louis Streets

We know that everybody likes an apple bottom, but apparently some people also like a pumpkin head, too.

In a video posted this morning in the Instagram account run by Taco Circus (4940 Southwest Avenue, 314-899-0061) a woman is shown twerking on Delmar Boulevard while wearing a large pumpkin like a helmet.

The caption on the video:

“Halloween may be over for some of us, but for others, it is just getting started”

There are no other clues in the scene as to why this little show is happening, but it appears to be going down in the middle of the Delmar Loop, just east of the Chuck Berry statue.

We’re sure ol’ Chuck wouldn’t mind the show and, well, neither do we. A pumpkin has gotta twerk if a pumpkin has gotta twerk, ya dig? Here in St. Louis, we often have twerk-emergencies. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you are, you just gotta let it out — even if it’s while cruising down the highway.

Many people assume that this spooky young lass was just filming a bit of content for her OnlyFans account. Do you really blame her? The economy has been rough and so many pumpkins have been left out in the cold, unable to find suitable employment.

We wouldn’t be mad if more pumpkins (or people) started filming their OnlyFans content on St. Louis streets, actually. There are enough bad things happening out there in this city and twerking pumpkins in ripped fishnets are the least of our concerns. Sights like this give us all something to bond over together and what’s the worst that happens if you see this? You have a good story to share with your friends or post on your Instagram?

Twerk it, St. Louis sister! Vive la tête de citrouille!

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Jaime Lees is a digital content editor for the Riverfront Times.
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