Guess Where I'm Eating This Thai Curry [Updated 4x with Clues Answer]

I return from two weeks of vacation home repair tanned, rested and ready to test your knowledge of St. Louis restaurants and dishes. (One out of three ain't bad.)

Today, a Thai curry with beef. "But what kind of curry, Ian?" you ask. Well, that might give it away. (Hint?)

Guesses as comments. Clues if it takes you a while.

Clue #1: (Tuesday, 3.30, 10:00 a.m.) The curry was served in a big bowl. "Big Bowls" is a menu category here, though the curry is not among them.

Clue #2: (Tuesday, 3.30, 1:15 p.m.) The word Thai does not appear in the restaurant's name. Not Land of Smile, though.

Clue #3: (Wednesday, 3.31, 4:20 p.m.) OK. Final clue. The specific name of this curry on the menu is "Dragon Curry." And if that's meant to refer to its spiciness, it's inaccurate.

Answer: (Thursday, 4.1, 10:12 a.m.) A tough one, eh? It's Tei Too at 8158 Big Bend Boulevard in Webster Groves.
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