James Comey Shouts Out Sugarwitch Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yes, that James Comey, the former FBI guy

May 18, 2023 at 1:18 pm
click to enlarge Every treat from Sugarwitch looks magical. - SOPHIE MENDELSON
Every treat from Sugarwitch looks magical.

In between promotional posts about his upcoming book and a few pictures of his family, James Comey has shared a post on Instagram praising local ice cream sandwich company, Sugarwitch (7726 Virginia Avenue, 573-234-0042).

Yes, that James Comey, the highly controversial former FBI guy who some say gave Donald Trump an advantage when he reopened the investigation into the nothingburger that was the Hillary Clinton email “scandal” just two weeks before the 2016 election.

Why was he in St. Louis, and how did he come to choose Sugarwitch? Nobody knows for sure, but we assume that he’s done a deep investigation of all of the ice cream sandwiches in the country and determined that Sugarwich’s version is the best anybody has to offer.

Comey posted that he had the Elphaba, which is a mint chip ice cream with salted mint brownie. This choice in ice cream could be as controversial as his career, too, because some people say that mint ice cream tastes like cold toothpaste. But those people have never had the version at Sugarwitch, which is perfectly minty in every way.

We spoke to Camy Bright, the Sugarwitch cafe manager, about his visit and she said that Comey went unrecognized and “did not make his presence known” when he was in the shop.

So he slipped in and out undetected, just like a good FBI guy should. It seems like Scully and Mulder taught him well.

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