The Morning Brew: 5.6

May 6, 2010 at 7:00 am

The latest food news from the Gulf Coast oil spill, courtesy of Business Week: fishing will stay banned until May 15 at a minimum. Estimates predict the spill it threatening twenty-five percent of the U.S.'s total fresh fish. Louisiana crab suppliers are charging $170/barrel, as opposed to $120/barrel a year ago. Expect restaurant prices to jump. Shrimp won't be effected as much, since they're habitat is outside the fishing ban, but prices are increasing as consumers stock up.

A coalition of consumer groups, scientists, and farmers are protesting a proposal that would forbid required labeling of genetically modified foods overseas. The Chicago Tribune reports that the coalition wrote in a protest letter, "We are concerned that the current US position could potentially create significant problems for food producers in the US who want to indicate that their products contain no GE ingredients, including on organic food, where genetic engineering is a prohibited method."

While The New York Times touts the new moonshine, er, "white whiskey" trend, in North Carolina, cops are still busting homemade distilleries, according to the Watauga Democrat.