Top 3 Pet Peeves of a Bartender at a Mexican Restaurant

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In this series, food and drink professionals dish to Gut Check about their pet peeves anonymously but honestly.

Hurricane and his uber-cool wristband unwind with a cerveza. - Deborah Hyland
Deborah Hyland
Hurricane and his uber-cool wristband unwind with a cerveza.

Code Name: Hurricane

Position: Bartender for the last five years at a major west-county Mexican establishment, also waits tables

Pet Peeve #1 When I go to a table with like six or seven people, take their drink orders, and only one person gets a drink. Then, when I come back after waiting in line at the bar, everyone else orders their drinks, one at a time. That's a lot of extra walking and standing in line.

Pet Peeve #2 Asking for "skinny margaritas." Marketing has made it seem like a skinny margarita is better, but really the alcohol is where the calories are. We make our margarita mix in the morning, so a skinny margarita just puts a wrench in things.

Pet Peeve #3 People who are just rude. You walk up to them and say "Hi. How're you doing?" and they answer, "I'll have a water." At first you're thrown off or insulted, but if you want to make a tip, I guess you just have to work harder for it.

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