Your Fast-Food Lent Options Are Bountiful

The granddaddy of them all.
The granddaddy of them all.

The Lent season gives rise to a great St. Louis tradition, the Fish Fry. But local church parishes aren't the only folks in on the fish. At least since 1962, when McDonald's debuted the Filet-O-Fish, fast-food restaurants have offered Lent-friendly options for patrons.

Gut Check figured we'd run down the list in honor of the holiday.

McDonald's In addition to the classic Filet-O-Fish, McDonalds recently introduced Fish McBites. We'll let the mounted fish take it from here.

Meanwhile, a battle is brewing for the no.1 spot atop Premium Fish Sandwich Mountain: Burger King has trolled out its Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich -- made with "cold water white fish fillet" (mmmmmmmm!) -- while Wendy's counters with a Premium Cod Fillet Sandwich -- made with...cod. Feel free to conduct your own taste test -- you can bet we will too.

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