9:30 p.m. Friday, November 11. Mojo's, 1013 Park Avenue, Columbia, Missouri.


$6. 573-875-0588.

Few things in this stimulation-saturated world of ours are sacred, and CAVE comprises four of them. With only an archaic Myspace page, CAVE is impossible to Google. And in all likelihood, the world will actually have to end before you find its music on a Honda or Apple advert. The Chicago band specializes in heady instrumentals that leave the listener straddling impulses — whether to dance or simply vibrate in time with the krautrock rhythms. The aural heir to Can and Neu!, this new master layers seemingly simple riffs with sublime symmetry and progressive tension until they catapult over any terrestrial apex.

Recommended If You Hate: Neo-hippies, jam bands, the lame cultural connotations that surround psychedelia.

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