Davie Allan and the Arrows and the Knoxville Girls

Tuesday, Aug. 3; Side Door

Jul 28, 1999 at 4:00 am
Danger, danger: supergroup alert! Well, not in your Damn Yankees or Bad English kind of way, but nonetheless a collective grouping of former members of (how's this for a pedigree?) Gun Club, Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, the Cramps, Congo Norvell, Pussy Galore, Sonic Youth, the Honeymoon Killers, the Chrome Cranks and Boss Hog. Phew. Granted, only three of the five guys in the Knoxville Girls contribute to the list, but hell, there's a lot of danger in the aforementioned list, and a lot of the most essential rock of the past 15 years, too. Describing the sound of the Knoxville Girls is damn easy: All of the above. Less trashy and skewed than Pussy Galore or the Chrome Cranks, the Knoxville Girls seem most akin to the work of their lead singer, Kid Congo Powers, he of Gun Club, the Cramps and the Bad Seeds. The three (count 'em) guitarists — Powers; Jerry Teel, formerly of the Honeymoon Killers and the Chrome Cranks; and Jack Martin, ex of Congo Norvell and Little Porkchop — work to create an echoed mess of rockabillyesque guitar; Bob Bert, percussionist for Pussy Galore and Sonic Youth, is more restrained, pounding out a simple, relentless rockabilly beat.Headlining the show are some of the unsung heros of '60s instrumental surf rock, Davie Allan and the Arrows. You know the sound — Link Wray mixed with Dick Dale, distorted, destroyed and deconstructed for your listening pleasure. Should be a monster of a show.