Fleetwood Mac Yoga Is Real, the Rumours Are True

Jul 10, 2019 at 8:57 am
click to enlarge The witch knows the way. - Eva Rinaldi / Flickr
The witch knows the way.

Fleetwood Mac and yoga: Together at last. If the sweet sounds of witchy '70s rock have always made you want to embrace your inner goddess, then the Joy of Yoga’s “Summer Concert Series: Yoga with Fleetwood Mac” was made just for you.

This Saturday, July 13, at Joy of Yoga (8918 Manchester Road, Brentwood; 314-537-0671), you can work on your triangle pose while listening to songs about love triangles. At this class, they’ll be bumping Fleetwood Mac throughout the session. Not only will it help you get into a chill frame of mind, but the tunes are well-matched to the practice.

Who among us has felt the swell of Fleetwood Mac songs in our soul and not felt the urge to move in a graceful, powerful fashion? The kick at the beginning of “The Chain” begs your body to move into Mountain pose. Hearing “Storms” will make you involuntarily stretch your arms and move into Warrior II pose. Cobbler’s pose was just made for the twinkly “Gypsy” — and just thinking about Stevie Nick’s sexual prowess will move your body right into bridge pose without issue.

So don’t stop thinkin’ about your practice; join in a class like this where they make yoga fun. It will cost you $17 to drop in on the class (unless you already have an unlimited monthly account at Joy of Yoga) and you’ll need to sign up in advance, but Fleetwood Mac yoga could make all of your dreams come true.

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