Gotta Be Karim Visits the Lou, Drops New Mixtape

Mar 26, 2009 at 1:00 pm
Gotta Be Karim Visits the Lou, Drops New Mixtape
photo by Jennifer Silverberg
Fresh off a pair of performances last week at SXSW, Gotta Be Karim stopped by RFT headquarters earlier this week to pimp his new mixtape and offer on update on what he's been up to since he left STL for ATL a few months back.

In case you haven't heard, Karim, a St. Louis native, moved to Atlanta in December to pursue his music career in a bigger market. Now he and his wife are living in Stone Mountain, about 30 minutes east of the city in DeKalb County. As for what life has been like in Hot-lanta, the soft-spoken rapper says simply, "Workin' hard and just grindin'. Just grindin.' Doin' music full-time, not punchin' no clocks and just lovin' it."

His latest project is a Trackstar the DJ-produced mixtape called 10,000 Apples. Almost all of the tracks are produced by Black Spade, with some guest spots for Vandalyzm, Rep from Family Affair and DJ Needles.

The title he says, is inspired by a trip he made with his father to the Million Man March in Washington D.C. The family brought apples (presumably 10,000 of them) and bottled water to sell to the hungry crowd. Now, according to the lyrics in the album's title track, he's applying the same enterprising work ethic to his music.

He said he was only in town for a few hours before catching a flight back down to GA, but he'll be back in town April 10 for a performance at the Gramophone with Finale, Black Spade, Vandalyzm and Rockwell Knuckles.