Jimmy Tebeau Was in High Spirits Playing Music the Night of His Sentencing

Oct 10, 2012 at 11:59 am
Jimmy Tebeau Was in High Spirits Playing Music the Night of His Sentencing
Jennifer Silverberg

Jimmy Tebeau played a show following his court sentencing last night with the Jerry Garcia Band at the Old Rock House. At least twenty people waited at the door prior to opening and the venue continued to substantially fill in from there. Tebeau didn't comment, from the stage or in conversation, about the hearing due to a pending appeal, as advised by his legal staff. He did mention to us that he "is excited to start twenty shows in twenty night with the Jerry Garcia Band." It's all about the music.

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Tebeau seemed in high spirits and was continually met with friend and fan support. He received a 30 month jail sentence, 200 hours of community service, a $50,000 fine and forfeited the 350-acres of Cape Zoe earlier in the day. It was the maximum penalty allowed by a plea he accepted earlier this year, but after more than two years of charges, investigations and hearings, it all could have been much worse.

People routinely approached him wishing him the best of luck, thanking him from their experiences at Camp Zoe and giving their take on the situation.

"We, as a country, have said that counter-cultures can exist outside the status quo," says Julie Von Zur Muehlen, citing the Supreme Court case Wisconsin vs. Yoder. "Are we just going to pick and choose which cultures get their freedoms? We don't need to attack a single individual, we need to address the larger questions at hand."

U.S Attorney Richard G. Callahan says the investigation was never an attack on a particular culture. "I thought that we were capable of distinguishing between a music concert with incidental drug use versus a drug festival with incidental music," he told us earlier in the afternoon via phone.

Gossip buzzed around the venue early in the night regarding the court hearing and a helicopter flying over head. "Of course they're here," said more than one wary patron. The police? The Feds? More likely a news crew, but you can imagine why there might be some paranoia.