Comment of the Day: Jim Hoft Is Uninformed

Feb 17, 2011 at 4:31 pm
Today's comment comes from reader Sally Smith, responding to Chad Garrison's report on the hullabaloo surrounding local blogger Jim Hoft's dumbass remarks about CNN's Lara Logan:

I don't understand why Jim Hoft thinks Lara Logan is some kind of 'liberal mindset' in the first place. She was critical of the Rolling Stones reporter over the whole Stanley Mcchrystal imbroglio, she's married to a defense contractor she met in Iraq, obviously has a great rapport with US-MIL that borders on a bias that's my cup of tea in a reporter, frankly (its the motivation for ex-NYU Rosen idiot calling her 'warmonger').

Rosen and this Hoft guy share something in common: They both shoot their mouths off about people and places they are sorely uninformed about.