Girls Tell St. Louis Cops to Suck Their Dicks, Internet Rejoices

Jun 2, 2020 at 3:11 pm
click to enlarge A scene from the protest yesterday. - photo by Theo Welling
photo by Theo Welling
A scene from the protest yesterday.

Long-time St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson is celebrated for many reasons. Not only is he a Pulitzer Prize winner, Carson is also highly respected within his own community for delivering quality work and insightful observations.

But now this drone pilot and National Weather Service trained spotter has another title to add to his resume: Twitter sensation. He’s gone from reliable local source of on-the-street information to full-on international social media phenomenon on the basis of a tweet that he dropped yesterday during the George Floyd protests in St. Louis.

Let us witness it in all its glory:

The brevity. The lack of punctuation. The shock of a respected journalist repeating naughty words. All in all, this was perfect Internetting. And here we thought we were fancy because Jack Dorsey retweeted us recently.

David Carson fed Twitter the perfect bit of information and Twitter users reacted with the only way they know how to show their appreciation: Retweets, “likes” and comments. (The tweet has over 20,000 retweets so far and counting.)

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Here are some of their reactions:

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