Meet "Tisha UnArmed," the Armless Local Internet Star

Oct 1, 2012 at 7:56 am
click to enlarge Yes, that is her foot on the steering wheel. - Tisha UnArmed via YouTube
Tisha UnArmed via YouTube
Yes, that is her foot on the steering wheel.

All the videos start the exact same way.

"Hi everyone. This is Tisha UnArmed and I'm here to answer all your questions about not havin' arms," says Tisha Shelton. "And as you can see, I don't have any arms."

But as she proves on a series of videos posted to YouTube that doesn't stop her from living on her own, shopping at Schnucks, driving a car, or even using chopsticks.

This was information people were apparently dying to know! Collectively, her videos have 1.6 million views and her Facebook fan page has over 2,500 fans.

Shelton was born with no arms and a much shorter right leg, on which she wears a modified prosthetic.The 25 year old is job hunting and says she originally came up with the idea to help prove to potential employers that she can do normal tasks. Instead, the videos went viral.

Shelton navigates day-to-day tasks with two extremely dexterous feet, a set of tools with super specific purposes (the pants-buttoning stick, for example), and a lot of patience. She also demonstrates a good sense of humor:

After the jump, just a few of Shelton's videos, including how she drives, eats sushi, walks her dog, and showers (not sure why a future boss would need to see that, but, hey, Tisha knows what she's doing).