Patrico Is Off The Rizzuto Show After Allegations of Inappropriate DMs

The Point says only that Tony Patrico is “no longer with Hubbard Radio”

Jan 4, 2023 at 1:16 pm
click to enlarge Tony Patrico, known on the air as "Patrico," was part of The Rizzuto Show for nine years. - VIA YOUTUBE
Tony Patrico, known on the air as "Patrico," was part of The Rizzuto Show for nine years.

St. Louis radio station KPNT 105.7 “The Point” announced this morning that host Tony Patrico has left the station amid ongoing allegations that he messaged fans with sexually suggestive comments.

The station, run by Hubbard Radio, posted the news on Facebook at 10:11 a.m., saying, “Tony Patrico is no longer with Hubbard Radio or a member of The Rizzuto Show. The show returns as scheduled tomorrow at 6am.”

Patrico and 105.7 The Point have not responded to messages from the RFT

In recent weeks, a Facebook user named Robert Reynolds and Twitter account called “HellNoPatrico” have accused Patrico of inappropriately messaging women. 

Both social media accounts use as their profile picture a caricature of Patrico with a line through it, with text reading, “Get Patrico off the Rizz Show.” Both have posted a slew of screenshots allegedly sent from someone named Tony Patrico. In those screenshots, Tony Patrico can be seen asking women for nude photos and making sexually suggestive comments. He follows up some of the messages by saying he is kidding. 

After the news was announced this morning, The Rizzuto Show co-host Scott Rizzuto offered a short statement posted on the radio station’s YouTube page as well as an audio message. He said he could not comment extensively on Patrico’s departure because it is a “personnel issue.”

“We cannot get into the specifics of it,” he said on air. “All I can say –– and I’m speaking for all of us here –– we are in complete shock. To say the last couple of days have been difficult is the understatement of the century. And we’re still all processing everything that happened. We’re sad, we’re devastated. We have spoken with Tony. He is our friend. But this is really hard. Again, speaking for all of us here on the show, we have nothing but compassion and empathy for everyone involved in the situation.”

Patrico has served as a member of The Rizzuto Show on KPNT 105.7 FM since 2014.

The Point’s Facebook post about Patrico’s departure has drawn more than 1,000 shares and 1,500 comments, with multiple women posting in the comment section about their experience with Patrico. One woman wrote, “I was an intern at another station in the same office and he would always make comments and ask me for inappropriate things via snap. I felt so bad for his wife.”

Added another, “I also experienced this! The inappropriate things with the manipulative comments and statements made it hard to feel comfortable bringing this to anyone.”

We’ll update this post if we hear back from Patrico or the station.

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