St. Louis City: Your Weird-Tasting Tap Water Is Funky but Fine

Go ahead and slurp it up

click to enlarge Your tap water might taste a little weird right meow. - @necosky / Flickr
Your tap water might taste a little weird right meow.

St. Louis city is known for having some of the best-tasting tap water in the nation. If you don’t think that’s true, travel literally anywhere else and try their nasty tap water. (It will have you begging for bottled.)

But right now, our water flavor is a little jacked up. It tastes kinda weird and smells a bit like a pool, but the city says it’s safe and it’s nothing to worry about.

From the City of St. Louis Government Facebook page:
"The City Water Division has received reports from residents of an unusual metallic, earthy, or chlorine taste in their water. Tests indicate the water is still safe to drink, and the department has adjusted its treatment process. The Division expects the issue to be resolved in a few days - check for updates at", the official City of St. Louis water website, says this:
“Some of our customers may be currently experiencing a taste and/or odor in their water. It has been described as earthy, metallic or chlorine tasting. Although you may not be experiencing the great tasting water you are accustomed to, we are continuously monitoring and testing our drinking water to make sure it is safe to consume. We have adjusted our treatment process to mitigate the issue. We anticipate the taste issue of your drinking water will be resolved in a few days.”

So hang in there just a little while longer, kittens! Everything will be back to normal soon and you’ll be slurping from the sink again in no time.

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