Stray Rescue Pleads for Calm at Sentencing of Dog-Torturer Darick Stallworth

Oct 4, 2012 at 7:51 am
Derek Stallworth, admitted dog-torturer/killer, will be sentenced this morning
Derek Stallworth, admitted dog-torturer/killer, will be sentenced this morning
With admitted dog-torturer Darick Dashon Stallworth set to be sentenced this morning, Stray Rescue has taken to Facebook to remind supporters to refrain from outbursts in the courtroom, no matter what sentence Stallworth gets.

Dog-lovers showed up back in August to watch Stallworth plead guilty to three felony counts of animal abuse and two misdemeanor counts of animal neglect. Stray Rescue director Randy Grim called it "an emotional hearing."

(At one point, Stallworth's grandmother collapsed, and Grimm -- of all people -- came to her aid).

Yesterday, Grimm posted on Facebook an image of the city's courtroom rules and wrote:

"If you going to tomorrow to the sentencing of animal abuser Derrick Stallworth (hope u can) please read this"

(Daily RFT added the arrow.)

Stray Rescue supporters are planning to pile into "the Justice Bus" at the non-profit's HQ this morning and head over en masse to the Civil Courts Building at 10 North Tucker, according to their postings on the social-media site.

What's galvanized them is the brutal scene investigators found in May, as we reported at the time:

On Tuesday, cops and members of Stray Rescue walked into an abandoned apartment building in Hamilton Heights to find five dead dogs.

At least two were strangled, apparently with electrical cords; one of these had furniture stacked on top of it. Another canine was burned (see photo above). And another dog's neck was crushed by window-slamming on the second floor, according to Stray Rescue, and left to hang lifelessly on the window sill.

Supporters are reporting on Facebook that they've submitted impact statements to St. Louis Circuit Judge Margaret Neill.

Here are some comments, visible to the public:

The hearing begins at 9 a.m. in Division 9 of the Civil Courts Building, 10 North Tucker, on the sixth floor.