The 314 Area Code Is an Endangered Species

314 or G.T.F.O.

click to enlarge Nelly would never give up his 314 phone number. - screengrab via YouTube
screengrab via YouTube
Nelly would never give up his 314 phone number.

If you’re from the Lou and you’re proud, you’re going to have to find all new ways to show it because the 314 area code is in short supply.

The amount of 314 area codes left to give out is shrinking each day, and people with new phone numbers in St. Louis will soon be assigned a new area code number.

The new area code number will be 557. Disgusting.

As if 636 wasn’t embarrassing enough! 557? Barf city. It might as well be 573! Our 314 is a number that really means something to people. You know, like 3.141592653. Or 420. Or 69. ran a big story a few days ago about the history of 314 and how locals feel about being switched to 557 (Spoiler Alert: They hate it) and the sense of upset is so relatable. We've already bought tons of 314 gear! We love to represent our city! We don't want learn new things!

Like, who wants to wear a t-shirt with 557 on it? 314 or G.T.F.O.

At least the new area code will work just the same as 314. Calls to 557 numbers won’t be long-distance calls or anything, and you won’t need to dial 1 to get through. But you will have to dial 557 and that is bad enough.

They say that there are only around 57,000 314 phone numbers left, but that many of them are already claimed by cell phone companies. So if you’re planning to move to St. Louis, you could call your carrier and try to find a way to reserve one. Because if you hit town and have to get a 557 area code on your cell phone, you will very likely be shunned.

As an outsider trying to come into St. Louis, it will be bad enough that you can’t tell us where you went to high school, but if we have to dial 557 to call you? No freakin’ way. You’ll be kicked out of the dating pool. Nobody wants to kiss a 557. And to try to make babies with a 557? We'd rather die.

We’re not saying that we like this about ourselves, we just know this about ourselves.

314 today. 314 tomorrow. 314 until we die. 314ever.

Jaime Lees

Jaime Lees is the digital content editor for the Riverfront Times.
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