5 New-ish St. Louis Spots That Deliver Serious Entertainment

Fun isn't only for kids anymore

Apr 5, 2023 at 6:15 am
click to enlarge Two players at Sandbox VR
Braden McMakin
Sandbox VR lets you star in your own action movie.

Fun isn't only for kids anymore. Adults deserve to have a blast, too, and they're demanding more options than just drinking these days. As more people figure out that socializing doesn't have to be based around alcohol, adults are finding novel entertainment at unique new sites around town. Sure, many of them serve booze, but you don't have to drink to have fun at these St. Louis spots.

Armory STL
3660 Market Street, 314-282-2720, armorystl.com

Billed as the "biggest bar in St. Louis," the Armory is a cavernous space offering "250,000 square feet of a variety of immersive, fun, unforgettable entertainment experiences." From adult-sized seesaws to a two-story slide to swing chairs, this massive indoor playground has something for everyone. The Armory offers games, like giant chess boards, ping pong, beer pong, corn hole, arcade games and more. They have great food available, also. The menu is mostly high-end versions of bar food such as Buffalo chicken sandwiches, creamy garlic wings and fancy toasted ravioli options.

3730 Foundry Way Suite 100; 314-887-7888; puttshack.com/locations/st-louis

Golf doesn't have to be boring, people. Golf can actually be pretty... ravey. Puttshack at City Foundry offers mini golf that is not your average putt-putt experience. The place is more like a club than an Astroturf roadside attraction. The dark room offers lights, sounds, music and a technology-enhanced game that will keep you amped through to the last hole. The games are scored by a computer, which means you can spend less time keeping track of your total and more time talking up that hottie a few holes away.

Slick City
17379 Edison Avenue, 636-229-9899, slickcity.com/stlouiswest

If you know anybody with young kids, you know they've recently spent a full Saturday out in Chesterfield while their kids bounced around Slick City. The indoor slide park has become all the rage with local kids and their parents, who love to let the little ones burn off their Skittles and Lunchables on the slides, the bouncy-house-style basketball courts, the trapeze and the zip line. The space isn't only for kids, though. Adults can enjoy some active fun here, too, and are even encouraged to do so on special "adults-only" nights. If you want to shoot some bouncy b-ball without ankle-biters crowding your space, keep an eye on Slick City's social media accounts for announcements of the next adults-only night.

click to enlarge Armory STL.
Braden McMakin
Armory STL is 250,000 square feet of fun times.

Sandbox VR
City Foundry
3730 Foundry Way, Suite 114; 314-887-9277; sandboxvr.com/stlouis/location

Sandbox VR was made for people who want to live in the future ("VR" stands for virtual reality). At Sandbox VR, there are four virtual reality rooms set up for gaming. In these rooms, you can drop into your own action movie or explore a virtual world. Don't worry, there's nothing to fear. In the Sandbox version of the future, virtual reality doesn't usher in a Black Mirror-style inescapable hellscape, it just brings us technology-assisted, forward-thinking games that we actually want to play. Sandbox provides "full-body motion capture and high-quality haptics to provide unprecedented realism." So the future seems pretty cool, actually.

Rope Course at Union Station
1820 Market Street, 314-923-3900, stlouisunionstation.com/rope-course

Union Station is a completely different place than it was only a few years ago. The former train station is bustling again, with all manner of new spots to visit. Everybody knows about the St. Louis Wheel and the St. Louis Aquarium, but not all St. Louisans know there's now a super amazing rope course inside Union Station, too. The open, three-story room offers 90,000 cubic feet of climbing space and a super-fast 100-foot zip line. Though this space is only for adults 18-plus, there's a special climbing spot for kids, too. The "Sky Tykes" area was built for young visitors under 48 inches tall. Admission for the adult course is $15, and it's just $5 for your wee ones.

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