RFT St. Louis Summer Guide: Make Every Moonlit Moment Count

May 26, 2021 at 6:20 am
St. Louis summers are better at night.
St. Louis summers are better at night. SAM WASHBURN

The small miseries of a Missouri summer add up. That stuck-to-your-seat humidity combines with a heat bores down from above and reflects up from the pavement, roasting you from all sides. Who wants to do anything in that? But the game changes when the sun drops. St. Louis at night transforms into a place of new possibilities. Baseball under the lights. Patio beers. Outdoor concerts.

It's a new world, but it's fleeting. To help you make sure you don't waste one moonlit moment, we've designed the RFT's annual Summer Guide to help you plan your strategy. Maybe you're a wildlife lover, ready to set off in search of an elusive winged wonder or a stretch of open water. Or maybe you've been waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting) for live music to return. Or maybe you know that food tastes better at the end of a long night.

We've got the tips on events and adventures to fill a season's worth of after-dark outings. Better get started. It'll be dark soon. —Doyle Murphy

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