Flower Power

May 5, 2010 at 4:00 am
With the pollen and unpredictable weather that come with spring, sometimes folks just want to get on with it already and get to summer for the guaranteed hot temperatures and the promise of fully functioning allergy meds. So whatever happened to living in the moment? Enjoying now for now's sake? We'll truly never know what tomorrow will bring — but we do know about a fabulous spring fair happening this weekend (Thursday through Sunday, May 6 through 9). The long-running Valley of Flowers Festival, held around Florissant at venues including the Duchesne Council Knights of Columbus grounds (25 Washington Street) and the James J. Eagan Center (Parker Road and Waterford Drive), offers all of the fun of summer fests without the sweltering heat and the way-too-short shorts. OK, so we can't predict the weather or what young people (and those who wish they were young) will be wearing, but never mind that. Thursday night on the fairgrounds (from 4 to 8 p.m.) is set aside only for families, with single-ticket rides and some $1 eats; then, out on the grounds Friday through Sunday, be prepared to get dizzy on the rides, stuff yourself with beer and fair food, and try your luck at various games. Throughout the day on Friday and Saturday at the Eagan Center, there's a flea market, a plant sale, food booths, a dog show and much more — check www.florissantvalleyofflowers.com for a full schedule — plus, the Eagan Center hosts a theater tent, featuring all manner of performances for kids, and a Cinco de Mayo Village, complete with dance lessons and piñata-crushing.
May 6-9, 2010