The Shootists

Six photographers bring a feminine sensibility to the Sheldon Art Galleries

Aug 9, 2000 at 4:00 am
The West was never won by man alone. Thinking so just might get your cork popped, pardner, or your ties twisted like two snakes at a mouse fight.

More high artists than plains drifters, the point-and-click posse known as the Six Shooters -- Marianne Pepper, Harriet Fisher Thomas, Naomi Runtz, Kay Wood, Joan Proffer and Susan Dietz-Schmidt -- has a collection of photographic masterpieces on display at the Sheldon Art Gallows ... er, Galleries. Let's hope they don't hang 'em too high.

The exhibit, Far and Away, allows each of the masters of the quick-shutter to come out shooting. Pictures, of course, are worth a thousand words. And just as different storytellers make even the same tale unique, each of these poets of aperture has her own meter and rhythm; her own sense of when to accent, when to whisper and when to yell.

In addition to the "authentic feminine expression of thought and feeling," some exquisite photography is on view. This sextet of lens-slingers is as magnificent as that famed septet of shootists could ever hope to be.