Best Of 2004

Best Kennel: Kennelwood Village

Two words: Doggy suites. We're talkin' satellite TV and a toddler bed for your mutt to roll around in. The television set's usually tuned to Animal Planet, but Kennelwood staffers will accommodate just about any request you have for your pet while you're away. "We have some dogs who have their own luggage, their own beds, ottomans, chairs and blankets," says Kennelwood marketing manager Renee Cordess. Celebrating 30 years in business this year, at any given time the flagship location at Page and Lindbergh may be home-away-from-home to some 400 dogs. And let's not overlook the "personal potty valets" -- dog walkers who'll ensure your pooch poos in comfort. More? Kennelwood also offers cat condos and suites, featuring TVs, aquariums and windows. Bunny rabbits, guinea pigs and birds are welcome too.

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