Best Of 2006

Best Place to Buy Vinyl: Record Exchange

If you can't find the LP you're looking for at the Record Exchange, then you're not looking hard enough. The store (which in another lifetime was a public library branch) boasts towering stacks of vinyl in nearly every nook and cranny of its cavernous space. Those LPs, arranged alphabetically via genre (rock, metal, alternative, etc.) in neat racks, are generally the items in the best condition—as well as the most desirable purchases, seeing how this is where you can find the Stones, Beatles and Dylan jams. But the real fun of the <\#213>Exchange is getting your hands dirty hunting for treasure—whether browsing the platters piled vertically from floor to ceiling or sifting through stacks overflowing out of cardboard boxes. As the mind-boggling (and unsorted) section of twelve-inch dance remixes/white-label promos/maxi-singles in the far back demonstrates time after time, chances are good a hidden gem lies within, just waiting to be discovered.

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