Best Of 2021

Best Bike Shop: Big Shark Bicycle Company

Big Shark
In a sea of very good local bike shops, Big Shark Bicycle Company (multiple locations including 1155 South Big Bend Blvd; 314-862-1188) is, well, a big fish. They’ve got a solid selection and are happy to order anything they don’t have. But the key is they’re approachable, whether you’re just getting started or ride 100 miles a week. The cliché of the snobby bike shop employee is overblown (most are cool with anyone interested in bikes), but it can be intimidating for newcomers to ask what might seem like dumb questions. Big Shark’s staffers have all been friendly and unpretentious in our experience. It’s also nice to have access to multiple locations throughout the metro region. Those two wheels tend to take you all over the place. —Doyle Murphy