Bah Humbug! Brits Aren't Going for the Sprout Surprise Whopper.

Dec 24, 2010 at 7:00 am
How about a Burger King Sprout Surprise for a quick Christmas nosh? says that the Brits aren't thrilled with the holiday concoction, which was being sold in three U.K. cities until today. The burger features Emmentaler cheese and what looks like a fried patty of mashed Brussels sprouts. It's about as popular as you'd expect.

Just because you have a lanyard doesn't mean you're with Bob Dylan. The Associate Press reports that a guy pranked a Massachusetts pizza parlor into making 178 pizzas for Bob Dylan's touring crew. He had a backstage, pass so surely he was legit, right? Wrong. At least he 'fessed up and will pay the $4000 bill. Most of the pizzas went to waste.

Restaurants don't need the extra hassle right now, between the holidays and the problems posed by Christmas and New Year's Day falling on Saturdays this year. The Grand Rapids Press talks to local restaurateurs about the difficulties of losing the busiest day of the week twice.

Brace yourself for food price inflation in 2011. Bloomberg predicts that Chinese demand and increased oil costs will bring about higher commodities prices. Merry Christmas!