Top 10 Values of the World Goblet 2010

Jul 16, 2010 at 8:00 am

Now that Gut Check's World Goblet 2010 tourney is in the books -- France won, if you've been asleep in a cave for the past month and a half -- here's a handy shopping list of the wines we consider to be the best values we tasted, along with a link to the pertinent post and an encapsulation of their respective merits.

10) 2008 Bodegas Torres Manur Pindal Rueda, Spain ($8) A solid Spanish white at a solid price. Versatile enough to pair with a broad range of light summer eats.

9) 2007 Boarding Pass Shiraz South Australia ($11) Another paradigm buster that rises well above its cutesy label to provide a complex example of Australia's signature red-wine grape.

8) 2008 Castillo de Monséran Cariñena Garnacha Spain ($8) Cheap Spanish grenache that tastes like real wine instead of grape jelly. See what the fuss should be about.

7) 2008 Toad Hollow Francine's Selection Chardonnay Mendocino County ($12) A classy chardonnay that blows away your preconceptions of the grape from California -- beginning with the fact that it's made entirely without oak.

6) 2008 Domaine de la Salette Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne ($10) A floral, food-friendly white. Brought home the World Goblet for France.

5) 2008 Pascual Toso Malbec Mendoza Argentina ($11) Here's all that's right about inexpensive malbec -- character, class and cost -- in one fine-red-wine package.