Behold the Triumphant Return of Thor Axe

Oct 8, 2014 at 10:29 am

Rejoice, ye unwashed peasants, for your kings have returned. The mighty Thor Axe, once named "Best Side Project" by this publication, will be gracing the stage of the Luminary Arts Center this upcoming Monday, October 13. The band will be joined by Athens, Georgia's Bit Brigade, a group known for live-performing the soundtracks to video games as they are being played onstage in real time (for this tour, the Legend of Zelda is the game to beat).

The pairing makes sense, since Thor Axe's shred-heavy instrumental metal seems tailor-made to the video-game world as well.

The band began in 2007 as a side project of So Many Dynamos, and it has not played live since 2010. After a couple of lineup shifts, Thor Axe re-emerged this past summer and began playing together again. Here is the group's roster as it stands today:

Phil Ring: Lead guitar (first chair) Ryan Wasoba: Lead guitar (second chair) Aaron Stovall: Rhythm guitar / Lead guitar (third chair) Kyle Work: Keys Ryan Thompson: Bass Clayton Kunstel: Drums

Thor Axe still features Dynamos Aaron Stovall and Clayton Kunstel, as well as Gorge members Phil Ring and Ryan Thompson (the latter also plays in Black Fast). Keyboardist Kyle Work is best known as a member of the Retro-Spect Band, which specializes in Lionel Ritchie covers, and Ryan Wasoba is known for many things -- as a former contributor to RFT Music as well as a former member of So Many Dynamos. This is, in fact, the first time Wasoba will be playing music with his former bandmates since his 2009 departure from that group.

Watch an old interview I dug up between 2007's Thor Axe lineup and former RFT Music editor Annie Zaleski below, and then listen to the band's recently recorded new song, "The Beagle Has Landed," even below-er. Get ready to headbang furiously.


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